Shock! Another faulty Windows update! This time it is Alt-tab that is broken by KB5005033

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It's been a while since we last reported about a problematic update for Windows 10. Only joking! Of course it's not! We haven't stepped into a paralleled universe in which Microsoft releases patches that, you know... work properly. As such, it's time to share news of issues people are experiencing with KB5005033 which was released last week.

If you thought you'd already read about problems with this particular update, you'd be right -- gamers have been complaining about a reduction in performance after installing this patch that was meant to fix the PrintNightmare vulnerability. But now there are reports of further problems with KB5005033 that are not limited to gaming fans. The latest complaints are that this update is breaking everyone's favorite keyboard shortcut, Alt-Tab. This time, however, there is a workaround.

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Some users who have installed KB5005033 are complaining that Alt-Tab no longer functions as it should. Specifically, there are reports of issues when using Alt-Tab to switch between full-screen apps (which can include games, but also other types of app). Common issues include seeing a blank screen or being taken to the desktop instead.

As Windows Latest notes, much the same issue was reported by people who installed last month’s KB5004296, but this was an optional update preview. KB5005033 is not optional, and it is automatically installed for most people.

This time around, there is not one but two possible workarounds. The first is to simply uninstall KB5005033 through the View Update History section of Update & Security in Settings. The other -- slightly odd -- solution is to disable the News and Interests button in the taskbar. To do this, right-click an empty section of the taskbar and click News & Interests > Turn off.

Now sit back and wait for yet another patch-for-a-patch from Microsoft.

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