Windows 11 is rolling out from October 5 -- act now! Buy a discounted Windows 10 license and get 11 for free

Windows 11 is fast approaching -- Microsoft has just announced it’ll be rolling out from 5 October, and still we know virtually nothing about how much it’ll cost, how it’ll be supplied and whether there will be any cheap standalone deals available.

But one thing we do know: upgrades from Windows 10 will be free. So why risk having to pay big bucks for Windows 11, when you can purchase a copy of Windows 10 for as little as $49.99? Read on to find out what new features are coming, then discover how to get a risk-free Windows 11 upgrade at a price you can afford.

Windows 11 is packed with interesting -- and tempting -- features for those looking for a fresh new slant on Windows. The user interface gains a much-needed overhaul, bringing Windows bang up to date with a clean, sleek look. It’s not pure eye-candy either, with UI tweaks to aid productivity, from Snap Layouts and Groups that will make working with multi-display setups much easier, to widgets, more flexible virtual desktops and more.

Then there’s major under-the-hood improvements, such as the ability to run Android apps from within Windows via the Microsoft Store, and gaming enhancements ported across from the Xbox, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage. Microsoft Teams Chat will also be built directly into the operating system, and made easily accessible via the Windows 11 taskbar.

So there’s lots to look forward to, but time is running out if you want to ensure you’ll be able to upgrade the day it becomes available for your PC. Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 11 to eligible machines on 5 October, with the process carrying on until mid-2022, and if your PC is already running Windows 10, then you’ll be able to upgrade for free.

You can verify if your PC will run Windows 11 using Microsoft’s official tool or try the free WhyNotWin11 instead for a more detailed explanation of what you’ll need. And if your PC won’t run Windows 11? Don’t worry -- Windows 10 will be supported through to 2025, so your purchase won’t be a wasted one.

How much does Windows 10 currently cost? You can purchase a Windows 10 Home OEM license -- good for one computer (and non-transferable) for just $49.99, a saving of 64 percent on the MSRP. Alternatively, pick up a copy of Windows 10 Pro OEM for just $69.99, saving 65 percent on the MSRP. Both are perfect for system builders, upgraders and those looking to run Windows in a virtual environment.

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