Microsoft's Windows marketing campaigns through history are unintentionally hilarious

Every generation of Windows -- well, from Windows 95 onwards at least -- has had a catchy slogan, designed, in some way, to encapsulate what the software giant hoped the OS would bring to users.

With Windows 95, for example, it was "Start me up", because that was the first time Microsoft’s operating system came with a Start button and menu.


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Other slogans are less memorable. Can you recall how Microsoft sold us on Windows XP? It was "Experience the excitement".

Do you remember which edition of Windows promised to give us "Everything at Once"? No? That was Windows 8. If only it had given us a Start menu.

Reddit user SundryWaif4182 has put together a graphic of Windows marketing campaigns throughout history, and it’s highly entertaining, especially with the benefit of hindsight.

Did 'The "Wow" start now' with Vista? No, it didn’t, although that OS did at least pave the way for the excellent Windows 7.

Will Windows 11 live up to its promise, which is "Brings you closer to what you love"? Maybe. If "what you love" is a crippled taskbar that's a massive step backwards.

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