Sustainability drives choice of cloud providers as businesses seek to go green

Going green is driving technology choices, with 68 percent of IT leaders saying they take a cloud vendor's sustainability initiatives into consideration when deciding whether to do business with that vendor.

The latest research from CloudBolt Software used the Pulse platform to survey over 250 tech leaders globally and finds 79 percent of them say they are 'on the hook' to help their companies achieve specific sustainability goals.

This is true even if it increases costs, 79 percent say they would pay a premium to vendors incorporating sustainability into their business model. Specifically, 27 percent would pay six to 10 percent more, and 35 percent said they would pay 11 to 15 percent more.

Often this is being driven from above with 68 percent saying that sustainability goals are a top-down mandate, formulated by either the executive team or board of directions.

Though there is clearly a growing green conscience too, with 78 percent of respondents agreeing that the day-to-day activities they undertake in public/private cloud choices can materially affect the environment for better or worse.

When asked which cloud providers they thought had the best green initiatives, 41 percent named AWS, 31 percent Azure, and nine percent Google Cloud Platform, with 20 percent not sure.

"We were pleasantly surprised to receive such an overwhelming response to our sustainability research initiative," says Bernard Sanders, co-founder and CTO of CloudBolt. "If anything, it shows that technology leaders do care about the long-term impact their enterprise operations have on the environment. And we at CloudBolt, with our zealous pursuit of delivering solutions that put intelligent automation, resource control and complete cloud usage visibility above everything else, are well-positioned to help organizations get greener for the sake of future generations."

You can get the full report from the CloudBolt site.

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