Most people neither know nor care about Windows 11


Microsoft is gearing up for the big launch of Windows 11 next month, and while there is enthusiasm in certain sectors, this is certainly not true across the board . The roll-out of the latest version of the operating system starts on October 5, but it seems like the company has an uphill battle on its hands to increase awareness and interest.

A new survey shows that almost two thirds of Windows users are unaware of Windows 11. Perhaps even more concerning for Microsoft is the news that of the 38 percent of users who know about the impending arrival of the new version of the operating system, a mere 41 percent intend to upgrade to Windows 11. The survey also gives an insight into what people are looking forward to in the operating system.

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The findings come from a survey carried out in the US in mid-September by The results show that a staggering 62 percent of Windows users are unaware of the release of Windows 11, and there is further evidence of confusion about hardware requirements. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they do not know if their computer is capable of running the new version,

Age seems to play some role in Windows 11 awareness, with older computer user more likely to know about it. 56 percent of users aged over 55 are aware of Windows 11's upcoming release, compared with just 28 percent of 18–24-year-olds.

While 41 percent of the people who know about Windows 11 say they will upgrade, 14 percent have no plans to upgrade, and 45 percent are unsure.

When it comes to what people are looking forward to in Windows 11, opinion is very divided. The most popular new feature is the ability to run Android apps (14 percent), but this is closely followed the new look for the operating system and enhancements to games (13 percent each). While Microsoft has tried to drum up excitement about widgets in Windows 11 and an updated app stor4e, the company has failed to generate a great deal of interest – these two features are eagerly anticipated by just 3 and 2 percent of users respectively. says of its findings:

While Windows users have a lot to anticipate in a streamlined and easy-to-use new operating system, uncertainty about hardware is driving uncertainty about whether users will upgrade when Windows 11 rolls out.

Since the hardware requirements for Windows 11 may leave some users behind, adoption of Windows 11 may lag as people hang onto Windows 10 or upgrade their computers over time.

This is also likely to affect users' excitement about certain features. After all, if your device doesn’t have the necessary processor to enhance your gaming experience, why get excited about a feature you can’t even use?

More details about the survey are available here.

If you're keen to upgrade to Windows 11, you can do so right now following these instructions.

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