OWC launches Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter for Windows and Mac

When it comes to Mac accessories, OWC is one of the most respected makers out there. With that said, the company's products are not limited to Apple devices. In other words, if you have a Windows computer, for instance, many OWC offerings will work without issue.

Today, OWC launches a really cool new adapter that converts a single Thunderbolt 3/4 port into dual DisplayPort. This will enable a compatible Mac or Windows computer to output video to two external displays for optimal productivity. Sadly, due to a limitation of Apple's M1 processor, its newest MacBooks powered by that ARM chip will be limited to a single video output. Hopefully the next generation of Mac laptops with the rumored M1X processor will offer better multi-monitor support.

"With the new OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter, you'll be amazed when your eyes see up to 8K resolution delivered by the OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter. By utilizing the latest DisplayPort 1.4 technology, this high-performance adapter delivers up to 4x higher resolution than DisplayPort 1.2. All you need is a single Thunderbolt port to plug it in, and this little wonder's compact size and bus-powered convenience will open a world of possibilities," says OWC.


The company further says, "The OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter lets you work with newfound multitasking ease. Use it to create graphics-intensive content and edit photos with more precision. Keep projects active on one screen while attending a video meeting on the other. Create a panoramic video wall for the digital signage application. And when it's time for play, higher resolutions and refresh rates provide the most immersive video gaming experience available. The OWC Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter lets you multitask with ease. "

OWC shares specifications below.

  • Single Display Resolution: up to 8K @ 30Hz or 8K @ greater than 30Hz with DSC
  • Dual Display Resolution: up to 4K @ 60Hz, 4K @ 144Hz with DSC, or 8K with DSC
  • Mac Compatibility: macOS 10.12 Sierra and up
  • PC Compatibility: Windows 10 and up
  • Mobile OS Compatibility: iPadOS 14
  • Power Supply: Bus-powered
  • Height: 1.6 cm (0.6 in)
  • Length: 6.3 cm (2.5 in)
  • Width: 5.6 cm (2.2 in)
  • Weight: 55.6 g (0.12 lbs)
  • Input Connection: (1) Thunderbolt 3
  • Output Connection: (2) DisplayPort 1.4
  • Ambient Temperature: Operating: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)

The Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter is priced at $99 and can be purchased from OWC directly here. While the normal cost is reasonable, the company has already discounted the adapter to $78, making it an absolute steal. It is worth noting, this product is compatible with OWC's ClingOn, which secures the Thunderbolt cable to the adapter. You can buy a ClingOn here for just $7.49.

Should you buy OWC's Thunderbolt Dual DisplayPort Adapter? Well, if you have a Windows 10 computer with Thunderbolt 3/4 and need this functionality, absolutely. However, when it comes to Apple, only owners of Intel-powered Thunderbolt 3 MacBooks should bother -- as stated earlier, the M1 models are not fully compatible, and they are limited to a single display.

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