Qualys offers free ransomware risk assessment

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Ransomware continues to be a major issue, with the FBI recently reporting a 62 percent year-on-year increase for the period ending July 31.

Unpatched vulnerabilities, device misconfigurations, internet-facing assets and unauthorized software rank consistently among the top attack vectors, but how can businesses track them down?

Cloud-based security specialist Qualys is releasing a Ransomware Risk Assessment Service to provide companies with visibility into their ransomware exposure and automate the patching and configuration changes needed to reduce their risk.


What's more because it's Cybersecurity Awareness Month Qualys is making the solution available free for 60 days.

"Ransomware risk is top of mind for CISOs who are no longer satisfied with reactive tools and generic guidelines. They want actionable information to reduce risk proactively," says Sumedh Thakar, president and CEO of Qualys. "The Qualys security team has extensively researched past ransomware attacks as well as CISA, MS-ISAC and NIST guidance and operationalized it into a prescriptive, actionable plan so companies can proactively remediate to stay ahead of ransomware attacks and reduce their overall risk."

The Risk Assessment Service uses a single, dynamic dashboard to provide a clear comprehensive view of ransomware risk exposure. This includes comprehensive asset discovery and a global asset software inventory that identifies and highlights internet-facing assets and unauthorized software to eliminate security blind spots.

It also offers expertly researched and curated ransomware-specific vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to provide actionable insights so security teams can prioritize workflows and take immediate steps to reduce ransomware risk. One-click and zero-touch workflows kick off remote vulnerability patching regardless of where an asset is located. Since the solution is cloud-based, the need for on-premises patching tools that require VPNs is eliminated.

You can sign up for the 60-day free service on the Qualys site.

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