A minute is a long time on the internet

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Former British prime minister Harold Wilson famously once said, "A week is a long time in politics." Of course in the age of the internet things move faster still.

Research from advertising company N.Rich shows that in the online world an awful lot happens in just one minute.

Using data from Statista it finds that in the space of 60 seconds Facebook receives 44 million views via Facebook Live. Meanwhile over on Twitter 575,000 tweets are posted in the same timeframe -- that's around 9,600 every second.


Apple's iMessage service will see 12 million messages sent every minute and 5.7 million searches will take place on Google. On Snapchat 2 million messages are sent via the app in that period of time.

Each minute, 694,000 hours are streamed on YouTube, which equates to roughly a month in real-time, while Netflix is also popular, with 452,000 hours watched each minute on its website.

Amazon sees $283,000 spent on the e-commerce site each minute. That's almost $17 million spent every hour.

"With a vast number of people online and advertisers vying for the attention of potential customers, it's vital that you speak to customers in a way that they hear you and feel heard too," says an N.Rich spokesperson. "You wouldn't speak to your best friend the same way as your grandmother. That's why you need to adjust your message for each platform and find the right customers where they are -- be it on TikTok, Facebook, or elsewhere."

You can see a summary of the findings in the graphic below.

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