Make Windows 11's Android support useful by adding Google Play apps

One of the headline features of Windows 11 that Microsoft promoted ahead of launch is Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) -- in short, support for Android apps. It is only a few days since the feature was made available, but there are numerous limitations. In addition to only being available to Windows Insiders participating in the Beta Channel in the US, users are forced to obtain their apps from the Amazon App Store.

In the real world, of course, practically no one uses the Amazon App Store; Google Play is where the action (and a full quota of apps) is to be found. Now, someone has managed to hack something together that makes it possible to access Google Play and install Android apps from this store in Windows 11. You will need, among other things, access to Ubuntu or another Linux distro.

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There is no denying that this is not something that everyone is going to want to do. In fact, you'd have to pretty keen on using the Play Store over the Amazon App Store as there are various hoops to jump through.

A developer by the name of ADeltaX has released a tool called WSAGAScript which is described as "Scripts to install Google Apps into a WSA image. Plus optional ADB root".

If this sounds interesting and you're wiling to invest some time and effort, ADeltaX has created an introductory video tutorial to help you get started:

Full details and a constantly updated set of written instructions can be found over on GitHub.

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