Microsoft bringing a new Find My Mouse tool and more mouse utilities to PowerToys

Find My Mouse PowerToy

Fans of Microsoft's PowerToys have something to look forward to -- there is at least one new utility in the pipeline, very probably several.

Developers are currently working on a Find My Mouse tool which will appear in an upcoming Mouse Utilities section of PowerToys. The new tool will make it easy to locate your mouse cursor on the screen, but there is also the promise of more mouse-related tools in the future.

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Over on GitHub repository for PowerToys, there is a new pull request that sheds some light on the Find My Mouse tool. As you can see in the animation below, when the utility is activated, it lets you quickly home in on your mouse cursor when you are struggling to find it.

Find My Mouse is based on a tool called Super Sonar, and the team describes it saying: "This PowerToy allows focusing the mouse pointer by pressing the Left Control key twice".

Find My Mouse

As is made clear in the text of the pull request, the new utility is housed in a new Mouse Utilities section of PowerToys. And as you can see in the image at the top of this story, this section is described as housing "a collection of utilities to enhance your mouse".

So far we only know about Find My Mouse, but there should be more on the way before long to justify the pluralized Mouse Utilities section heading.

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