COVID-19 boosts digital transformation and continuous intelligence

Digital transformation

There aren't many good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a new study from Sumo Logic shows that it has accelerated digital transformation and piqued interest in adopting continuous intelligence.

Continuous intelligence (CI) allows real-time analytics to be integrated into business operations. Sumo's study shows that 74 percent of cloud-mature companies recognize the value of providing access to real-time data in this way, while 58 percent of organizations going through cloud transformation agree.

In addition 72 percent of cloud-mature organizations agree that continuous intelligence improves speed and agility, compared to only 60 percent of companies going through migration.


While 71 percent of business leaders at companies that are mid-migration say that they view CI as the approach that they will have to adopt around data, only 46 percent of IT operations staff and 43 percent of DevOps teams at companies in a similar position agree. Companies that have completed their cloud migrations, or started in the cloud, are more likely to adopt CI than those at an earlier stage in the process.

The effect of COVID is interesting, 65 percent of cloud-native companies which have seen their digital transformation processes accelerated due to COVID say they are likely to adopt continuous intelligence in the next year, compared to 58 percent of those that are still migrating, The figures are very similar for businesses that have seen no impact from COVID (65 percent and 50 percent).

For businesses whose plans have been delayed by COVID only 57 percent of cloud-native companies plan to use CI in the next year, compared to 50 percent of those mid-migration.

You can see a full breakdown of the results in the infographic below and find out more on the Sumo Logic site.

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