New solution aims to streamline enterprise identity management

identity management

Over time enterprises amass lots of applications, each of which has its own means of authentication and authorization for users. This inevitably leads to 'identity sprawl' with information being held in multiple different silos.

In order to unify identity data from all sources within an organization and turn it into a flexible resource that can deliver verification on demand, Radiant Logic is launching its RadiantOne Intelligent Identity Data Platform.

RadiantOne provides an Identity Data Fabric designed for large enterprises and government bodies with complex, distributed IT infrastructure. Using patented identity unification technology it abstracts and enriches identity data from multiple sources to build enriched global user profiles. It can then deliver real-time identity data on-demand to any service or application.

This benefits the organization by reducing internal software development effort, improving security and compliance, and providing a frictionless experience for all users. It's built to combat identity sprawl and enterprise technical debt, both of which can lead to delays in time-to-market, decreased employee productivity, and an expanded attack surface.

"Everybody has tried at some point to decommission or scrap all of these key systems. And what they've learned over and over again is you can't do that. You look at systems like Active Directory, which have become in many organizations almost a default approach just because that's the way things have evolved, not necessarily because Active Directory is the best suited to do that," says Dieter Schuller, chief revenue officer at Radiant Logic. "We use an abstraction layer to create what we call the 'identity fabric', use the tools that we provide to connect all these different systems that have identity information, understand the schema, create a common data model and then off that common data model create views for each application that wants to consume that data, so that each application doesn't have to go hunt on its own."

You can find out more and request a demo on the Radiant Logic site.

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