Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS 21.10 Linux distribution from System76 is finally available for PC and Raspberry Pi

Ubuntu Linux 21.10 was released back in October, and since then, fans of the Pop!_OS operating system have been wondering when System76 would update to the new Ubuntu base. Well, folks, today is finally the day. Pop!_OS 21.10 is now available to download for your PC hardware. In a surprise move, the company also releases a preview of the OS for the ARM-based Raspberry Pi!

The most notable change in Pop!_OS 21.10 is the inclusion of a new Applications Library, as System76 tries to further distance itself from the vanilla GNOME desktop environment. The refreshed library displays windowed rather than full screen. It even has improved multi-monitor support, displaying the app library on whichever screen has the mouse cursor when summoned. You can see a video of it in action further down the page.

"Pop!_OS 21.10 features the 5.15.5 kernel and latest NVIDIA driver. Pop!_OS has a new kernel policy whereby the latest kernels will be released once they’ve passed extensive quality assurance tests. This is the same release policy we’ve used for NVIDIA drivers. The System76 hardware lab contains a broad spectrum of chipsets, processors, and components to test for regressions prior to release so customers and users can be confident that new kernel releases will only improve their hardware performance and support," says System76.

The computer-seller further adds, "Tinkerers, this one’s for you! A tech preview of Pop!_OS 21.10 is now available on the Raspberry Pi, a mini computer for STEM learning and experimentation. We built Pop!_Pi for the Raspberry Pi 4 to gain experience building for ARM platforms. The Raspberry Pi 4 performed much better than we anticipated, so we decided to release it to the public. It’s a Tech-Preview because it doesn’t receive as much Quality Assurance focus as Pop!_OS for the desktop, but is nonetheless an excellent option for users. We plan to continue releasing Pop!_Pi with future Pop!_OS releases."

Ready to try the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS 21.10 operating system? You can grab an ISO from System76 here now by clicking "Download" on the top right. There are three variants from which to choose -- the standard version for computers without an NVIDIA GPU, the NVIDIA variant for PCs with such a GPU, and the "Pop!_Pi" preview for Raspberry Pi 4.

If you do install the Linux distribution, we kindly ask that you share your experience with us in the comments below. Please do let us know if you think other readers should try this free operating system too. In particular, if you try the Raspberry Pi variant, how is the performance?

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