Infrastructure teams spend almost half their time on routine manual tasks

Multicloud strategies have led to a surge in complexity, with enterprise infrastructure teams dealing with big volumes of data as they try to monitor and manage their constantly changing environments.

A new study from software intelligence company Dynatrace shows that as a result, teams are spending 42 percent of their time on manual, routine tasks, limiting their ability to accelerate innovation and highlighting the need for increased use of AI and automation.

The report shows that 99 percent of organizations have a multicloud environment, with the average business using five different platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Red Hat, and others. Organizations also rely on seven different infrastructure monitoring solutions, on average, to manage multicloud environments, and 57 percent say this makes it difficult to optimize infrastructure performance and resource consumption effectively.


In addition 81 percent of IT leaders say their use of Kubernetes has made their infrastructure more dynamic and challenging to manage, and 56 percent say traditional infrastructure monitoring solutions are no longer fit for purpose in a world of multiple clouds and Kubernetes.

"Multicloud strategies have become critical to keeping up with the rapidly accelerating pace of digital transformation, but teams are struggling to manage the complexity that these environments bring," says Bernd Greifeneder, founder and chief technology officer at Dynatrace. "Dependencies are growing at an exponential pace, driven by faster deployment frequency and cloud-native architectures that bring constant change. Open-source technologies complicate things by adding even more data for teams to deal with. Compounding the issue, each cloud service or platform has its own monitoring solution. To build a complete picture, teams are forced to manually extract insights from each solution and then piece these together with data from other dashboards. Organizations must find a way to help these teams reduce the time they spend on manual tasks and refocus on strategic work that delivers new, high-quality services for customers."

Among other findings, 61 percent of IT leaders say observability blind spots in their multicloud environments are becoming a greater risk to digital transformation as teams find themselves without an easy way to monitor their infrastructure end-to-end. Also 58 percent say infrastructure management is a growing drain on resources as their use of cloud services has increased.

The full report is available from the Dynatrace site.

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