Plugable launches new USB video adapters

If you purchased a new laptop in recent years, there's a very good chance the computer doesn't have any proper video outputs. Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon for a notebook to have a VGA or HDMI port. Now? You are expected to utilize adapters, docks, and dongles for your video-out needs.

Thankfully, there are no shortage of USB to video products. Some of them use USB-A, some USB-C, while others offer both. For instance, today, Plugable launches a trio of new USB video adapters that are capable of 1080p60. While all three have affixed USB-A cables, they also include USB-A to USB-C converters attached to the cable. In other words, they should work with almost any laptop.

Why are three dongles needed? Well, they offer different connection options. The UGA-HDMI-S provides a single HDMI port, while the UGA-DP-S has one DisplayPort connector. The UGA-HDMI-2S is probably the most interesting of the three, as it gives the user dual HDMI ports. Very cool.

And yes, dear readers, you can use more than one of these Plugable adapters simultaneously for a multi-monitor experience. The company explains below.

Plugable’s new graphics adapters work well together and users can combine multiple adapters to really transform a single-screen laptop into a command center with up to 8 additional displays for Windows and up to 3 additional displays for Mac. This allows for an incredible amount of flexibility in users’ desk setups so they can create the optimal workspace in their homes or in the office.

Want your own Plugable USB video adapter? You can buy them by clicking the links below. For a limited time, all three have a $4 discount, so be sure to check the coupon box before purchasing.

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