TVAddons concedes defeat and says that massive piracy lawsuit brings closure

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Last week Kodi addons repository TVAddons threw in the towel following a long running piracy lawsuit, with founder Adam Lackman agreeing to pay damages of $19.5 million.

In an email sent out to users and subscribers this weekend, TVAddons concedes defeat. It says mournfully  that the lawsuits "didn't result in the outcome we'd hoped for" but adds that it brings closure and will "allow us to begin the process of moving on with our lives". It also calls for donations to help pay the colossal bill.

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The email’s subject line is "The lawsuit has come to an end" and starts off by saying: "We've been ordered to pay 25 million dollars...". Based in Quebec, the damages are in Canadian dollars, but this still equates to 19.5 million USD. As such, it is hardly surprising that there is a request for financial assistance from anyone who is willing to dip their hands into their pockets.

The full email reads:

After 5 long years, our lawsuit has now come to an end. Unfortunately, it didn't result in the outcome we'd hoped for.

The Canadian Federal Court just found us liable for copyright infringement, and ordered our founder to pay Canada's biggest telecom companies 25 million dollars.

At least this will now bring closure, and allow us to begin the process of moving on with our lives.

Obviously, our founder would really appreciate your generosity right now. If you'd like to help him get back on his feet and move on towards a successful future, please donate today!

Thank you for all the support over the years.

Details of the court order and agreement can be found here.

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