Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card puts longevity and durability over speed

Speed is great, but it isn't always the most important thing. For instance, a very fast car is surely fun, but if the vehicle is unreliable and dangerous, who really cares about speed? I'd rather arrive to my location alive and without breaking down -- even if it takes a bit longer.

That is sort of the philosophy behind Samsung's newest "PRO Endurance" microSD card. Rather than focus on raw performance, this card is instead designed for longevity and durability. It is an ideal storage solution for surveillance cameras, police body-cameras, automobile dash-cams, and more. With all of that said, while the card isn't the fastest on the market, it isn't really slow either -- it offers up to 100MB/s read and up to 40MB/s write.

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"Built with Samsung’s highly reliable enterprise-grade NAND flash memory, the PRO Endurance card can deliver up to 16 years (140,160 hours) of continuous recording time to ensure every critical moment is captured. This means a single PRO Endurance card can last as long as up to 33 typical speed-focused cards, saving frequent replacement costs and providing greater reliability for always-on video monitoring," explains Samsung.

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The company adds, "Since outdoor surveillance and body cameras can be subject to harsh environments, the PRO Endurance microSD has been engineered to offer trusted performance in everyday use with Samsung’s reinforced six-proof durability. In addition to protection against water, magnets, X-rays and extreme temperatures, the card is now wear out-proof and drop-proof."

Samsung PRO Endurance microSD card can be purchased immediately using the below links. It is being offered in four capacities -- 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The cards are priced at $10.99, $14.99, $27.99, and $54.99 respectively. And yes, they come with a full-sized SD card adapter.

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