Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.59.1 with several significant bug fixes

Microsoft PowerToys

After something of a quiet period, Microsoft released the first update in a while for PowerToys last week. Now the company has issued what it describes as a "patch release", taking the popular utility collection up to PowerToys v0.59.1.

As this is a patch release, there are no new tools to explore, and no major new additions. But the release remains significant thanks to the bugs it addresses -- including fixes for problems with FancyZones and PowerToys Run.

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Microsoft says of this latest update: "This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.59.0 to fix a few bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates".

Some of the fixed bugs include addressing a window snapping issue in FancyZones, and another that prevents the same tool from working properly with windows showing in all desktops. There are also fixes for a couple of problems with PowerToys Run.

The full changelog for PowerToys v0.59.1 is:

  • #18657: FancyZones not working with windows showing in all desktops is fixed.
  • #18663: Messages showing there was an error updating should no longer appear when PowerToys is up-to-date.
  • #18712: On some systems OOBE Windows renders a bit too big, so we made the window resizable.
  • #18696: Added a setting to disable the search delay in PowerToys Run, as some users preferred the old behavior.
  • #18679: A FancyZones bug where windows were not snapping after switching layouts is fixed.
  • #18761: PowerToys Run is not getting the default web browser under some conditions. Potential fixes and added logs are included.
  • #18842: Upgraded the Windows App SDK runtime to 1.1.1, containing the newest fixes.

You can download PowerToys v0.59.1 here, or you can make use of the update option in the version you currently have installed.

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