Manjaro Linux 21.3 'Ruah' is here with GNOME, Xfce, and KDE Plasma

Manjaro is one of the most popular Linux-based desktop operating systems these days, and it's not hard to see why. The distribution is based on the rock-solid Arch, but unlike that distro, Manjaro is very easy to install and use thanks to the excellent Calamares installer. In other words, it has all the benefits of Arch, but without the hassles and headaches. This makes it a great choice for both Linux experts and beginners alike.

And now, during LGBT Pride Month, Manjaro 21.3 "Ruah" becomes available for download with Linux kernel 5.15 and Calamares 3.2. There are a trio of desktop environment options -- Xfce (4.16), GNOME (42), and KDE Plasma (5.24). While all three DEs are great, the Xfce Edition is the primary focus with this particular operating system.

"Since we released Qonos end of last year all our developer teams worked hard to get the next release of Manjaro out there. We call it Ruah. This release features the final release of Calamares v3.2. Partition module gained more support for LUKS partitions. Users module now has lists of forbidden login- and host-names, to avoid settings that will mess up the install," says The Manjaro Development Team.

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Ready to install one of the best Linux distributions on the planet? You can download a Manjaro21.3 "Ruah" ISO here. It is recommended to download and install the Xfce Edition since it is the primary desktop environment of Manjaro. However, both GNOME and KDE Plasma are wonderful as well, and I would suggest trying all three to see which you like best.

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