New online community helps developers contribute to open source projects

Code visibility platform CodeSee is launching a new online community for developers of all skill levels to help them learn, contribute, explore, and connect across the globe.

Open Source Hub (OSH) provides developers tools to onboard and understand the massive amount of code in an open source project, making it easy to contribute, collaborate, and make a meaningful contribution.

Contributing to open source has always been a valuable way for developers to learn to code, practice or show off a new skill, and contribute to 'passion projects' by giving back to important causes. OSH offers tools and information to all developers -- whether they are a recent graduate or a 20 year veteran, a peer, mentor, or mentee -- and provides limitless opportunities to contribute and grow in a safe trusting community.


This is the first open source community on the web to bring together maintainers, contributors, projects, mentorship, support, and communication alongside a Discord community, the popular online voice, video and text communication service.

"We haven't changed how we read and understand code in 50 years but open source has engulfed us all, and CodeSee was built to make understanding code easier. We need more developers learning from and contributing to open source so that all of our codebases are more maintainable and resilient. Every codebase is affected by open source so we need to help each other ramp up in these codebases quickly and support one another right now," says Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO at CodeSee. "Open Source Hub is more than a product or network, it is a movement. A movement for developers at all skill levels to come together, learn, collaborate, and contribute to and support open source with the code visibility tools and manpower it desperately needs."

OSH allows developers to build personal profiles that visually showcase their contributions and the impact their changes have on projects and skillset. They can search for and begin projects that fit their needs and areas of interest, and participate in events including livestreams, public stages and hackathons. It also allows members to see the impact of amendments using CodeSee to create a visualization of the codebase making it easy to walk others, both technical and non-technical, through the changes.

You can find out more and take part on the OSH site.

Image Credit: Syda Productions / Shutterstock

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