The tech devices we worry about the most

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but it seems that in many cases it also gives us something else to worry about.

Research by Bespoke Software Development Company has used the online analytics tool Ahrefs to work out which products we're most concerned about being hacked.

Looking at Google search terms such as 'How to know if your (product) is hacked', 'What to do if your (product) is hacked', and 'Signs your (product) has been hacked', the analysis determines that we are most worried about our phones, with total annual searches globally relating to phone hacking at a whopping 716,400.

Trailing a distant second are computers (31,920). iPads (29,160) come in third and Wi-Fi (23,760) fourth. Rounding out the top five is Amazon's Alexa smart speaker with 16,800 annual searches in relation to hacking.

Interestingly we're less concerned about IoT gadgets like smart locks, smart lights, smart coffee machines and smart cars, which were assessed for the research but yielded no hacking-related search results.

The company offers some tips to keep your devices secure, these include changing default passwords and getting a password manager, enabling multi-factor authentication where it's available, staying up to date with fixes, and being vigilant for attacks like phishing.

Photo Credit: Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

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