Wordle finally offers to sync your game stats between devices


Word-guessing game Wordle took the world by storm, so it was little surprise when it was snapped up by a big name -- the New York Times. There were promises that the game would not be changed and that it would remain free, and players raised a collective eyebrow skeptically.

Anyone playing the game in the last few days will probably have noticed something. While the NYT is not going back on the promises it made, players are being encouraged to create a New York Times account. The carrot being dangled as an incentive is the ability to have game statistics synchronized between devices.

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As it stands at the moment, you can play Wordle on your computer and on your phone, and each device will keep a separate tally of how you fare in games. If you have a 50-day streak on your phone and then play a game on your computer, your streak will not be increased.

Players who are bad losers can game the system if they so desire. It is, it should not need to be pointed out, cheating (and you are utter scum if you do this!), but you can use one device as a "testing ground" to home in on the word of the day, before using a secondary device to "guess" the word very quickly.

This, naturally, completely eliminates the point of playing the game in the first place, but there are players who are so unwilling to admit that they've broken a winning streak, that there are plenty of people who engage in such nefarious activities.

But if you are legitimate player, you may bemoan the fact that you have to constantly play Wordle on the same device in order to maintain your streak. It's great to be able to complete the puzzle on the train on your phone, but you may also want to do so on your desktop or laptop.

A new option to create a New York Times account means that multi-device players will be able to synchronize their game stats between devices, eliminating what has been an irritating problem for a while. Thankfully, creating an account is free; there's no need to pay for a NYT subscription.

The next time you play a game, you should see the offer to create an account in the results when you complete the puzzle, but you can also sign up here.

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