Microsoft changes its policy against the sale of open source software in the Microsoft Store

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Having previously upset software developers by implementing a ban on the sale of open source software in its app store, Microsoft has reversed its decision.

The company says that it has listened to feedback -- which was vocal and negative -- and has updated the Microsoft Stores Policies, removing references to open source pricing. Microsoft has also clarified just why it put the ban in place.

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The policy changes that effectively banned the sale of open source came into force last month, but Microsoft has already been forced to backtrack in the face of mounting criticism.

In a series of tweets announcing the latest policy changes that remove this ban, Microsoft's Giorgio Sardo says that the previous policy was intended to "help protect customers from misleading product listings":

He goes on to say that Microsoft wants to help support developers and to give them flexibility:

In a policy history update, Microsoft makes a brief explanation of the change:

Update to 10.8.7 to remove language related to open-source or other free software.

The latest version of the Microsoft Store policy document can be seen here.

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