Successful AI deployment needs to be enterprise wide

Artificial intelligence

Businesses are keen to capitalize on AI, with 72 percent of business leaders in a new survey believing their competitors are using AI, and 63 percent concerned their competitors will use AI to gain an advantage over their own business.

But the study from SambaNova Systems, of over 2100 enterprise and IT leaders based in the US, UK, and Germany, shows just 18 percent of organizations with AI are rolling it out as a large-scale enterprise-class initiative. The majority -- 82 percent -- are rolling it out as multiple programs, creating disorganization and hindering successful deployment.

"Most organizations that have a significant AI footprint have been left with a myriad of hundreds or even thousands of disparate models," Marshall Choy, SVP product at SambaNova, says. "They are not easily manageable, and certainly not auditable. This is where a single foundation model for language can be the firms’ AI backbone at enterprise scale as the basis for all AI applications and workflows for the next decade."

Despite this 67 percent of enterprise leaders believe AI will be transformational or significantly change how they do business in the next 12 to 24 months. 80 percent think that AI will improve the employee or customer experience by streamlining processes and decreasing response time, while 68 percent think AI will cut costs by automating processes and initiating a better use of head count. 51 percent say they will use AI to increase profit through better use of data or opening up new revenue streams.

Choy adds, "Enduring enterprises always keep a sharp eye on technology as a way to rise above competitors. Just like railroads, radio, and the internet have done for previous generations, AI is reshaping business as we know it and over the next decade, early investors and adopters stand to yield the greatest benefits."

You can find out more on the SambaNova site.

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