If you're daft enough to pay for Twitter Blue, prepare to dig deeper into your pockets

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It was hardly a surprise when Twitter launched a subscription service in the form of Twitter Blue. In exchange for $2.99 a month, anyone keen to gain access to extra feature could help top up the social media company's coffers.

But it seems that the coffers have not been topped up enough as Twitter has announced a price hike. The cost of a Twitter Blue subscription jumps by two thirds for new subscribers with immediate effect, and existing subscribers can expect to pay the new, higher price in the near future.

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The price increase means that a Twitter Blue subscription will set you back $4.99 each month. Twitter has emailed subscribers not only informing them of the price increase, but also offering some justification for it, saying that the higher subscription fee "helps us continue to build some of the features you’ve been asking for, improve upon the current ones you already love and sustain our mission of supporting journalism".

The email tells subscribers:

As an early adoptor of Twitter Blue, you'll continue to be charged your introductory price of $2.99/month until you receive additional notice from Twitter and/or the payment providers at least 30 days before the new price goes into effect.

Twitter Blue has increased the cost of its membership for new subscribers. Anyone who subscribed today will be charged $4.99/month, which will be localized to the regional currency.

Matt Navarra shared news of the email on Twitter:

While new subscribers will have to pay the higher price right now, current users can enjoy the lower price until October.

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