GitHub rival GitLab ditches plans to delete inactive repositories


GitLab recently announced plans that meant repositories that were part of its free tier would be erased after a year of inactivity. This led to complaints from users of the GitHub rival, saying that it was unfair and that the decision made no sense.

Having listened to the negative feedback, GitLab has now announced a change of heart. Inactive repositories will no longer be deleted when they have not been active for a while, but there will still be consequences for inactivity.

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The automatic deletion of inactive projects was a policy that was due to kick in next month, but a vocal outcry from users means that this will no longer be the case.

GitLab tweeted about its change of heart, explaining that inactive repositories will remain accessible, but it will take longer to do so:

The original plans to delete projects after a year of inactivity was supposed to be a money-saving exercise, but it seems that GitLab value user opinion more highly.  

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