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As more and more devices that we might not conventionally think of as 'IT' become connected, the risks to enterprises increase.

To address this concern Claroty is launching xDome, a new cloud-based industrial cybersecurity platform that drives cyber and operational resilience for modern industrial businesses.

It aims to deliver the ease and scalability of SaaS without compromising on the breadth or depth of the visibility, protection, and monitoring controls that are integral to 'cyber-physical systems' (CPS) security.

Features of xDome include asset discovery using multiple methods, vulnerability and risk management support, detection and response capabilities to combat both known and unknown threats, and network segmentation controls.

"Every enterprise has a variety of a heterogeneous environments and our goal is to make sure that we can pull data from or send data to tools to help gain better awareness and also help drive actions that are deemed appropriate," says Grant Geyer, CPO at Claroty. "We collect data from whatever helps help us create the most certainly, a system of record for organizations is what we're focused on. We also can send data for organizations that are looking for a complete view of their IT and OT environment so that they can spot incidents from data going into OT or vice versa. We also want to have the ability for a policy management capability, so you can see the anomalies for the standard policy. We also integrate with firewalls and network security to enforce and segment the network to help reduce the inherent risk of those environments. All those capabilities are built into the platform, we have integrations with IT service management tools, like ServiceNow, CrowdStrike, Central One and Microsoft Defender for IoT to orchestrate response activities within these platforms as well."

You can find out more on the Claroty site.

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