Enterprises are storing more data than ever

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According to a new study more than 50 percent of enterprises are managing 5PB or more of data, compared with less than 40 percent that were doing so in the same survey last year.

The 2022 Unstructured Data Management Report from Komprise also shows most are now spending more than 30 percent of their IT budget on storage and backups.

When it comes to managing this data, Nearly 47 percent are planning to invest in cloud network attached storage (NAS), followed by cloud object storage (43 percent). Meanwhile on-premises only data storage environments have decreased from 20 percent to 11.9 percent. The largest obstacle to unstructured data management, cited by 42 percent, is moving data without disrupting users and applications.


A majority (65 percent) of organizations are planing to, or are already, investing in delivering unstructured data to their new analytics and big data platforms. The top goal (43 percent) is to adopt new storage and cloud technologies without incurring extra licensing penalties and costs.

After cutting costs, the second highest expected benefit of cloud data migrations is to improve self-service data access for end users and departments (43 percent).

Expanding use cases for unstructured data management include protecting sensitive data (63 percent) followed by allowing users to search and run analytics (41 percent) and enabling data deletion policies (35 percent).

"After cutting costs, IT leaders are motivated to improve self-service for end users and departments by moving more data to the cloud," says Krishna Subramanian, co-founder, COO and president of Komprise. "In unstructured data management, self-service typically refers to the ability for authorized users outside of data storage disciplines to easily search, tag, enrich and move data to new tools and services through automation. This delivers faster time to value for users looking to leverage vast unstructured data stores for new insights and revenue-generating activities, by using cloud data lakes and analytics platforms."

You can get hold of the full report on the Komprise site.

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