Satechi USB-C Mobile Pro Hub SD will turn your Apple iPad into a proper desktop PC

Apple's iPad is a tablet, yes, but when you add a keyboard case, it magically becomes a laptop. But did you know the new M1-powered iPad tablets with USB-C can also serve as a legit desktop? It is true! By plugging in a USB-hub, you can connect a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and/or external storage. The desktop capabilities of Apple's M1 tablets will greatly improve with the upcoming iPadOS 16 too.

Today, Satechi launches the "USB-C Mobile Pro Hub SD," which is primarily designed for M1 iPad devices such as iPad Pro and iPad Air 5. The hub plugs into the bottom of the tablet and offers HDMI (4K compatible), USB-A (up to 5Gbps), 3.5mm audio, SD card reader, and microSD carder. It even offers USB-C power delivery (up to 60W) so you can charge the iPad while the hub is in use. There is only a single USB-A port, however, so you will need to use a wireless mouse and/or keyboard -- both cannot be wired.

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But what if you have your iPad in a thick case so the hub cannot properly connect to the USB-C port? Satechi thought of that, actually. You see, the device comes with a female to male USB-C extender cable so you can connect it regardless of case thickness. Not to mention, this hub is not limited to the iPad -- it should be compatible with any USB-C device/computer. So the extender cable should prove valuable when connecting to some laptops, desktops, and smartphones too.

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The USB-C Mobile Pro Hub SD can be bought from Satechi directly here now. The company is charging $69.99, which is quite the fair price already. However, for a limited time, you can save 20 percent by using code SD20. This brings the price down to just $56. You should act fast before the coupon expires.

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