Fedora Linux 37 Beta now available with GNOME 43 and Raspberry 4 support

Fedora and GNOME go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is the best Linux distribution combined with the greatest desktop environment. Not to mention, Fedora focuses on truly free and open source software. Sure, that may make the operating system a bit less inviting to Linux beginners, but many seasoned Linux experts know Fedora is the cream of the crop.

Today, Fedora 37 finally becomes available in Beta form, and the developers are hoping you will test it and provide some useful feedback. The most exciting aspect of Fedora 37 Beta is its use of GNOME 43, which is also in Beta. Also titillating is official Raspberry Pi 4 support, and yes, accelerated graphics are working. ARM fans will surely be happy about that, but sad to know the ARMv7 architecture will no longer be supported.

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"Fedora 37 Workstation Beta includes a beta release of GNOME 43. (We expect the final GNOME 43 release in a few weeks.) GNOME 43 includes a new device security panel in Settings, providing the user with information about the security of hardware and firmware on the system. Building on the previous release, more core GNOME apps have been ported to the latest version of the GTK toolkit, providing improved performance and a modern look," explains Matthew Miller, Fedora project leader.

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Are you wanting to try Fedora 37 Beta workstation on your PC or Raspberry Pi 4? I am happy to say you can download the operating system here now. Remember, folks, this is pre-release software intended for testing, and it may have serious bugs -- proceed at your own risk. If you do decide to install it, however, you should read the full changelog here first. The developers ask that you share your feedback with them here.

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