IOGEAR GCS72CC is a brilliant 2-Port 4K USB-C KVM Switch with DisplayPort

Many people are working from home nowadays, using work-issued laptops. The problem, of course, is that these workers often own personal notebooks too. And so, if they regularly connect their computers to a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, it can be quite cumbersome to constantly plug and unplug cables when switching between two machines.

A KVM switch is a great solution for this dilemma, as it allows you to easily switch peripherals and accessories from one computer to the other. IOGEAR has unveiled its newest such product and it is quite elegant. Called "GCS72CC," it offers two USB-C cables that you plug into both computers. Then, the device offers two USB-A ports and one DisplayPort. This lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. You then press a convenient button to switch between machines.

There are some nice features found on the GCS72CC that make it attractive to me. For one, I love that the DisplayPort can handle audio in addition to 4K video (up to 60Hz). Not to mention, if two USB-A ports aren't enough, you can connect a USB hub (such as this one).


Plus, I really like that the button to switch between computers is on its own cable rather than on the device itself. This means you can easily hide the KVM switch and only leave the button on your desk. How cool is that?

The GCS72CC 2-Port 4K USB-C KVM Switch with DisplayPort should be available here very soon. IOGEAR is only asking $89.95, which is quite reasonable given the nice specifications.

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