Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.62.1 to fix various bugs


The last update to Microsoft's PowerToys utility collection was a big one, adding no fewer than three new tools. Now there is a smaller, but still significant, update available in the form of PowerToys v0.62.1.

Although this particular release may not be quite as exciting as its predecessor, the fact that it addresses various issues with the software means that it is still well worth downloading.

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The changelog for this patch release is relatively small, but the development teams found a handful of issues, thought serious threats to stability, which warrant pushing out this small update.

PowerToys v0.62.1 includes the following changes in addition to those introduced in the previous version:

- #20297 - Fixed an issue causing a bug report to not be generated for some users, due to trying to include logs from a folder that might not exist yet.

- #20367 - Fixed an issue that made Quick Accent cause Keyboard Manager to not work correctly.

- #20430#20450 and #20532 - Added more resilient exit code for background C# processes which were causing crashes being reported when upgrading PowerToys or the .NET runtimes.

As ever, you can download the latest version of PowerToys from GitHub, or you can simply make use of the update option of the version you currently have installed.

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