DevOps pros want to reduce reliance on single cloud providers


More than half (53 percent) of DevOps professionals in a new study say they will consider multicloud architecture to reduce reliance on a specific cloud provider.

The survey of over 700 development professionals and leaders from Techstrong Research finds that the cloud landscape is changing as buyers increasingly put the developer experience on the same footing as core technical and performance capabilities of cloud infrastructure services.

Reasons for considering adding extra cloud providers include, costs becoming higher or more complex (40 percent), service provider outages (26 percent) and cloud providers becoming a competitor (21 percent).


The report also points to a battle between cloud platforms striving to appeal to, and win the hearts of, developers. This market requires ease of use, simplicity, and programmability from the platforms where they deploy their applications. They also want high availability and good support. All this makes developer support a huge factor in a cloud provider's ability to meet the needs of these teams.

Security comes high on the list of DevOps wants too, a full 73 percent rate security capabilities as very important or critical and granular identity management is close behind on 67 percent.

Also organizations are increasingly looking for a global cloud platform with sophisticated edge computing capabilities. Providers with these capabilities will need to control a large global network to cost-effectively deliver these services and a value-added set of application services to allow developers to deploy their applications as close to the users as possible.

"The results of this study indicate that global, distributed edge cloud will favor a new class of cloud providers, to help organizations scale their application environments, support API-first software designs, facilitate integration with PaaS and third-party add-ons and assist customers in leveraging to modern deployment platform like Kubernetes," says Mike Rothman, general manager of Techstrong Research. "These distributed cloud providers go beyond the alternative clouds by having the scale and support to accelerate the migration to a global, cloud-native application environment without the complexity and cost of the legacy hyperscalers."

You can find out more on the Techstrong Research site.

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