How facial recognition can help improve remote productivity

Facial recognition mesh

Remote working has become the norm for many following the COVID pandemic. But while it offers many benefits for both employers and workers, it can also lead to problems with productivity and stress.

A new infographic from work time management firm TrackTime24 looks at some of the issues faced by remote workers and at how improved time tracking technology using facial recognition can help.

Among its findings are that 75 percent of remote workers have experience burnout, 37 percent are working longer hours than they did before and 22 percent find it hard to switch off. This can lead to stress, reduced productivity and lower quality of work.

Using time tracking technology can identify where productivity is being lost. And employing the latest facial recognition technology means this can be achieved automatically, while helping staff manage their workday and break times, and helping them focus.

You can see the full graphic below.

Image credit: metamorworks / Shutterstock

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