Soon you will be able to send yourself messages on WhatsApp

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While there are numerous ways to save links, text and other information you need to refer to later, sending an email to oneself is a method that many people rely on. But soon you could use WhatsApp to send yourself a message instead.

Currently in beta testing, the feature is one that will be welcomed by many users, particularly those who use WhatsApp across multiple devices. Here's what we know so far.

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The upcoming feature was spotted by WABetaInfo in the latest beta version of the WhatsApp Android app. While not something that is yet available to everyone -- not even all beta testers -- there are reported from some users that they have a new entry in their contact that is labelled "message yourself".

Message yourself in WhatsApp

There are already various methods and workaround you can use to message yourself in WhatsApp, but having the feature baked in will help to make things a whole lot easier.

At the moment it is not clear quite when WhatsApp intends to make the feature available to everyone. Nor is it known for sure whether iOS and desktop users will be granted access to the same option, but it seems likely that such a big feature would be made universally available.

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