Microsoft Teams progressive web app comes to Linux

Believe it or not, some desktop Linux users need to run Microsoft Teams for work. While I am sure Microsoft would prefer these users switch to Windows 11, that isn't always possible. And so, the company is throwing Linux users a bone.

Today, the Microsoft Teams progressive web app officially comes to Linux. This PWA is in addition to the normal version of the app -- it does not replace it (yet). Before you get too excited, however, there is a pretty big caveat -- you must be using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers. Firefox users are apparently out of luck.

"Linux customers who rely on Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication needs told us they want the full richness of Teams features available for their users in a secure way. This can now be achieved using the Teams PWA. Additionally, the PWA enables us to ship the latest Microsoft Teams features faster to our Linux customers and helps us bridge the gaps between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows," explains Anupam Pattnaik, Product Marketing, Microsoft.

Pattnaik further says, "The PWA offers access to more capabilities, including custom backgrounds, gallery view, reactions, the raise-a-hand feature in meetings, as well as large gallery and Together mode views. The PWA also provides desktop-like app features, such as system notifications for chat and channel, a dock icon with respective controls, application auto-start, and easy access to system app permissions."

While the PWA version currently exists alongside the normal Linux desktop client, it seems Microsoft is intent on pushing the PWA variant. So if you are interested in trying what is likely the future of Microsoft Teams on Linux, simply visit using Chrome or Edge. You can then install the PWA from the address bar.

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