Microsoft is working on a dark mode toggle for Windows 11 Quick Settings

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Whether for reasons of aesthetics, or to be a little kinder to the eyes, the introduction of a dark mode option to Windows was real blessing. But there are times when dark mode is not appropriate, and it is a surprisingly lengthy process to temporarily disable it. Thankfully, Microsoft is working on a solution.

The company has been spotted experimenting with a dark mode toggle that reduces switching between light and dark mode to a couple of clicks.

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If you have ever needed to switch from dark to light mode to take a screengrab, give a presentation, or some other reason, you will be aware of the somewhat arduous task this is. Open Settings, move to the Personalization section, click the Choose your Mode drop-down menu and select Light. It may hardly be something that takes hours, but it still takes too long.

As spotted by Zac Bowden, Microsoft is working on bringing a quick toggle for light/dark mode switching to Windows 11 via the Quick Settings (the panel that pops up when you click the network/volume icon in the taskbar):

It seems that the toggle is currently only being tested internally at Microsoft, so it is very hard to say when -- or, indeed, if -- the feature will be launched for everyone. But for anyone irritated by the currently method of color mode switching, that day cannot come soon enough.

Image credit: Lashkhidzetim / depositphotos

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