More than half of organizations are using Kubernetes in their day-to-day operations

New research into the adoption of Kubernetes finds 51 percent of cloud developers are using Kubernetes and containers in their daily operations, and 57 percent have seen an increase in the number of Kubernetes clusters running within their organization over the last year.

The survey of 1,000 cloud developers by Civo finds the most common benefits cited for Kubernetes are its ease for scaling of work and for management of containers, named by 36 percent and 35 percent of respondents citing respectively.

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo says:

We are delighted to see the continued growth of Kubernetes. One of the main appeals of the technology is its ability to move data and workloads across infrastructures, which goes some way to explaining the diversity of its locations. Tech sprawl is also becoming a growing hurdle for organizations and their digital transformation goals, and anything that can help simplify this process is going to receive continued adoption

From its inception, we've recognised Kubernetes unique strength in combining scalability with portability. Our report shows that the majority of the tech industry now does as well, and we can't wait to see where Kubernetes goes from here.

The results also show that businesses are choosing Kubernetes because it offers easy portability between cloud and on-premises environments. 35 percent are running it on-premises, 27 percent in data centers, 39 percent in the public cloud and 28 percent in private cloud.

The full Kubernetes State of Play report for 2022 is available from the Civo site.

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