Integration, legacy tech and lack of skills prevent implementation of security solutions

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According to research, 50 percent of over 400 IT security decision makers in the US and UK have been prevented from adopting a new cybersecurity solution due to integration issues or challenges with legacy infrastructure.

The study for BlackFog, conducted by Sapio Research, also reveals that 32 percent say a lack of skills within their team to support a new product would also be a factor preventing them from deploying new solutions.

Proliferation of tools is an issue too, with security teams now using, on average, 20 tools to combat cybersecurity threats with 22 percent of those surveyed using more than 31 tools.

Lack of resources is also driving people to look for other jobs. 22 percent, of CISOs and IT security decision makers surveyed say they would consider leaving their current role due to lack of budget for investing in the latest technology.

Dr. Darren Williams, CEO and founder of BlackFog says, "Managing an increasingly complex attack surface creates huge challenges for IT security leaders. In an attempt to stay ahead of cybercrime many leaders make the mistake of adding more solutions to try and solve the problem, when in fact, adding more technologies often brings new problems, employee bandwidth in particular, as products need to be managed to be effective. Security leaders need to look at new ways to address the problems they face and prioritize tools which offer a truly innovative approach to their biggest security challenges. It's about making smart choices which make the best use of their budget and integrate with multiple security layers."

On a positive note there is evidence of a level of maturity in terms of the strategies to source and select the right tools with the overwhelming majority, 89 percent, feeling they can clearly determine the right new solutions to solve their organization's cybersecurity needs.

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