Sling is experiencing a strange sort of outage [Updated]

Online live TV is here to stay, but like its ancestors cable and satellite, it has occasional problems. Nothing is perfect, so you’ll always have a hiccup here and there. This may be one of the stranger problems I’ve encountered though. 

Sling, one of the leaders in this new online TV market, is currently roughly half down. No, that doesn’t mean a portion of subscribers lost service, it’s a bit more odd than that. 

You see, currently, if you go to your guide you will find roughly half of the information missing. The channels are all listed the same as always, but certain ones list no upcoming shows, just blanks next to the network names. 

Others are working fine. For instance, if you want news, you can watch MSNBC, but not CNN. DVR service, which is cloud-based, is up and running. 

The company is aware of the problem and tweeted out that it is working to restore everything as quickly as possible, so hang in there. 

Update: Sling reports the issue is now fixed, although if you're still having problems, restarting your app should sort it.

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