Running Kodi 20 'Nexus' on Android? You need to make this important change to access your content

Kodi 20 'Nexus' is the highly anticipated next version of the hugely popular cross-platform home theater software. The team behind it has just released a new update, and warns of a problem for anyone running the software on Android 11+.

The issue will be of concern to anyone using USB storage for their media.

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The team explains:

Android has had a number of large permission changes that we, and all apps released on the Google Play Store, have had to adhere to. The major change is permissions to locally attached storage (i.e. USB disks).

If you use USB storage for your media, you’ll need to follow these steps after the first run to allow Kodi access to your storage:

Go to Android Settings

  1. Apps and then "See all apps" (or just straight to Kodi if it's in Recently Opened)
  2. Tap on Kodi
  3. Go to Permissions
  4. Files and media, and change to Allow all the time

If you run Kodi 20 on Nvidia Shield devices the team provides a specific link to Nvidia customer help.

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