Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by installing Manjaro Linux 22.0 'Sikaris'

Tomorrow is one of the most important days of the year -- Jesus Christ's birthday! Also known as "Christmas," many people celebrate the holiday by giving gifts to friends and family. And of course, Santa Claus will be delivering many great presents to all the non-naughty children of the world too.

As an early Christmas gift, the Linux community is getting something very special today -- Manjaro 22.0! Code-named "Sikaris," this operating system is based on the excellent Arch Linux. If you love using a modern kernel, you will be happy to know Manjaro 22.0 comes with version 6.1. There are three desktop environments from which to choose -- GNOME (43), KDE Plasma (5.26), and Xfce (4.18).


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There are many specific updates for all three DE variants of Manjaro 22.0, and you can read all about them in the official release announcement. Once you are ready to install "Sikaris," you can grab an ISO using one of the below links.

Image creditolly18/depositphotos.com

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