New marketplace offers downloadable threat models for free

A barrage of new threats along with increasingly complex IT environments and a shortage of skilled staff make securing the enterprise and ensuring compliance more of a challenge than ever.

In order to help businesses visualize attack surfaces, understand security requirements and prioritize steps to mitigate threats across environments, ThreatModeler is launching a new cybersecurity asset marketplace.

Threat Model Marketplace offers pre-built, field-tested threat models to be downloaded -- free for a limited time -- and incorporated into new and ongoing threat modeling initiatives. It works with popular cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

"Threat modeling is so valuable for maintaining secure systems that Executive Order 14028 makes threat modeling activities a compliance demand for many organizations," says John Steven, ThreatModeler CTO and advisory board member. "With organizations eager for help to overcome the persistent challenges that modeling can entail, Threat Model Marketplace is the right platform at the perfect time and represents a significant step forward in facilitating access to this important security resource."

At launch there are 50 pre-built threat modeling templates that are field tested, industry compliant, and aligned with best practices. ThreatModeler intends to introduce up to 50 new threat models per month to address a widening range of use cases, regulatory requirements, and industry needs. Using these designs, companies can become secure in less time and at lower cost that designing, building, and validating secure designs from scratch would entail.

Future updates to Threat Model Marketplace will enable third parties to upload self-designed threat models to be downloaded for free or for a nominal charge. The platform is designed to democratize the access to and development of pre-built and vetted cybersecurity assets.

"Threats and regulatory requirements are constantly evolving; Threat Model Marketplace and the recently launched ThreatModeler Community reinforce the idea that threat modeling is not a one-off activity but an ongoing process," says Archie Agarwal, ThreatModeler's founder and CEO. "While ThreatModeler Community provides a space to share and discuss important cybersecurity topics, Threat Model Marketplace provides the platform for organizations to react. The resulting democratization of DevSecOps will be instrumental in enabling continuous and rapid adjustment of security postures across industries."

You can find out more on the ThreatModeler site.

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