Plugable releases AMS-5IN1E Apple MacBook USB-C hub with MagSafe charger cutout

Today, Plugable launches its latest USB-C hub for Apple laptops. Called "AMS-5IN1E," it is a 5-in-1 USB-C hub that adds five ports to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, while still providing access to the MagSafe charging port. The hub includes a full-featured USB-C port that is capable of anything the MacBook port can do, such as connecting a 6K 60Hz display, transferring data up to 40Gbps, and pass-through charging up to 100W.

This 5-in-1 USB-C hub is designed to connect to any MacBook that has two USB-C or Thunderbolt ports next to each other. It is ideal for 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, introduced in 2021, or MacBook Airs, introduced in 2022. The hub was crafted deliberately to complement Apple’s MagSafe power connector; it features a cutout to avoid impeding the functionality or connection of the MagSafe charger.

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Designed exclusively for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the AMS-5IN1E is an ideal accessory for taking advantage of the full power offered by the laptop. Adding a wired Gigabit Ethernet port, combination audio jack, two USB 3.0 ports, and a fully functional USB-C (40Gbps) port, this purpose-built hub packs all of the essentials to create an efficient workstation.

The AMS-5IN1E MacBook USB-C hub with MagSafe charger cutout can be purchased from Amazon here now. Plugable is asking just $32.95 with a limited-time $2 off coupon.

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