Consumers remain hesitant about using biometrics

A new survey of 1,000 global consumers shows that 54 percent think digital authentication methods such as biometrics are revolutionizing the customer experience when it comes to online transactions and payments.

However, the study from Incode Technologies, also reveals that 48 percent of respondents do not see digital authentication as contributing to trust in the online world. This is due to concerns about fraud protections, privacy, and security.

"Early releases of identity verification and facial recognition technology failed to deliver on the promise of trustworthy digital identification," says Ricardo Amper, CEO and founder of Incode Technologies. "To regain consumer trust, app developers and companies must deploy next-generation, privacy-powered biometrics models that uphold the highest industry and technical standards for facial recognition and fraud prevention."

Topping the list of sectors where consumers would like to see more digital authentication methods on offer is finance (35 percent), followed by retail and eCommerce (34 percent), hospitality (31 percent) and travel (30 percent).

Nearly half of the respondents (47 percent) indicate that 'not having to remember a password' is the top benefit of using digital authentication/biometrics. But there are still concerns around using other authentication methods. Privacy compromise is cited as a worry by 38 percent, greater risk of fraud (25 percent), taking too long to set-up (30 percent) and user experience not improved (25 percent).

"The industry demands revolutionary and user-centric identity solutions that are reimagining the relationships between organizations and their customers across every vertical," Amper continued. "Companies owe it to consumers to provide secure, state-of-the-art digital authentication technology, that reify trust in the online world."

You can read more on the Incode blog.

Photo Credit:  Johan Swanepoel/Shutterstock

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