Windows 365 Frontline for shift and part-time employees is now available

Three months ago, Microsoft announced the public preview of Windows 365 Frontline. If you're not familiar with it, Windows 365 is a service that allows users to stream Windows 10 and Windows 11 from the cloud to any device. Frontline is a special version for workers who only need a Cloud PC for a limited amount of time during a working day.

Unlike Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs, Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs remain in a powered-off state by default when they are not in use. Employees need to save their work at the end of their shift and then disconnect or sign out. Companies don't need to purchase a Cloud PC for every employee, rather, they only need enough Cloud PCs for the maximum number of active users at any given time.

Today, Microsoft announces that Windows 365 Frontline is now generally available.

The company's Sam Tulimat says:

For many companies, the ability to extend Cloud PCs in this way can mean cost reductions and increased productivity of their workers, while IT admins also are able to easily manage Frontline Cloud PCs in Microsoft Intune alongside other Cloud PCs and physical devices.

During preview, companies have been using Windows 365 Frontline already across an expansive list of scenarios and industries for a variety of cases where employees need access to their Cloud PC for a limited period of time -- cases like healthcare clinicians, consultants, customer service representatives, and more.

You can find out more about Windows 365 Frontline, including how to get started with it, on the Microsoft Tech Community blog post here.

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