New mobile operating system focuses on security and privacy

Today's online world relies on monetizing information. Sensitive data is sourced through search engines, web browsers, and app developers and can be used to target marketing and more.

If you're concerned about how your data is used you might be interested in the launch by Myntex of Renati. This is a security-focused, Android-based mobile operating system for Pixel devices designed to disrupt data collection.

"We have a discerning target audience for our customer base," Myntex president and CEO, Geoff Green, says. "Like me, they don't trust embedded services, third-party apps, or devices that are open and susceptible to malicious intrusion. Society is waking up to the need for confidentiality, not exploitation."

Renati is a custom version of the Android OS and has been pen-tested by digital forensic firm Unique Wire and is certified against physical extraction. Built around ChatMail -- device-hardening software Myntex created for Android phones -- it provides protection against exposure to data breaches, identity theft, location tracking, and scrutiny. ChatMail has been providing users with encrypted messaging and secure productivity tools since 2017.

Renati allows secure bi-directional tunneling technology, the removal of third-party apps, and proprietary security protocols keep you safe from hacking, phishing, and malware. It uses a custom hardened kernel, removes developer option debugging capabilities and removes unneeded services by creating a minimalist build to reduce the attack surface.

It also manages the device with a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) token system, eliminating the need to use an IMEI and thus closing off another potential attack vector.

Green adds, "Myntex empowers people to take control of their mobile communications. We help clients retain their privacy in a digital world that turns consumers into the product."

The OS is currently supported on a number of Pixel devices and you can find out more on the Renati site.

Image credit: Myntex

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