95 percent of security professionals worry about identity threats despite confidence in their solutions

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A new study of IT and security leaders at 567 US-based enterprises finds over over 95 percent of respondents say they are gravely concerned about identity-related threats.

The report from Omada shows 72 percent say their organization's users have unnecessary access and overly permissive accounts.

There’s a bit of a disconnect here as respondents are generally confident in their identity solutions. 93 percent agree their organization uses strong identity verification and 92 percent say they can quickly identify anomalous behavior and shut down suspect accounts. 91 percent say they can easily meet new business requirements, while 89 percent say they can easily produce regulation-specific reports.

When looking for identity management solutions 61 percent rank ‘adaptability to an organization's requirements’ among what they consider the five most important capabilities of an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution, while 53 percent rank generative AI among the top five.

Nearly 56 percent look for a connectivity framework that supports any application and infrastructure, and 41 percent choose interoperability and data sharing with all IAM tools as priority capabilities. In addition, 47 percent look for a SaaS-based identity governance solution with faster data ingestion, and just over 40 percent prioritize the ability to synch quickly to onboard applications and enable users to gain access in minutes.

Quality of solutions is important too, 86 percent of respondents say their organizations are more likely to choose a best-of-breed identity and access management (IAM) solution rather than a platform vendor that may not offer robust capabilities across the board.

Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada, says, "Hackers are no longer breaking in; they're logging in using compromised credentials, so protecting identities needs to be a core component in large enterprises' overall cyber strategy. Modern IGA practices and technology are a necessity in today's evolving threat landscape, and it's clear that businesses prefer best-of-breed solutions to enhance both efficiency and security."

You can get the full report from the Omada site and there will be a webinar to discuss the findings on November 28th at 10am ET.

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