ChatGPT can make fully playable 'choose your own adventure' games

ChatGPT is able to do a lot of things, such as answering questions, translating text, generating stories and poems, and writing code.

OpenAI’s powerful artificial intelligence tool can do much more than just that though, including making fully playable multiple choice adventure games.

To do this, firstly decide what you want the adventure to be about -- we chose "Titanic", but the theme is up to you.

To start the game we typed:

Create a "choose your own adventure" game for me set on the Titanic

The tool will then generate the story and a list of chapters (made up of locations and things to do), and give you some choices.

To perform an action, just type in the chapter number for it. ChatGPT will generate the result for you and let you continue the story.

Photo Credit: Mike LaptevShutterstock

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