Manjaro-based Mabox Linux 23.12 features new LTS kernel

As we approach the end of 2023, the Linux community receives a delightful surprise: the December refresh of Mabox Linux 23.12. This update is not just a routine upgrade; it introduces the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel 6.6, ensuring enhanced stability and longevity for users.

That 6.6 kernel promises support until December 2026, aligning with Mabox's commitment to long-term reliability. Additionally, Mabox hasn't forgotten its legacy hardware users, offering an alternative ISO with the older yet reliable LTS 5.4 kernel. Users can install multiple kernels, from the latest 6.6 to the sturdy 4.19 version, and select their preferred one at boot time.

Mabox takes panel customization to new heights with the integration of Tint2 and Jgmenu. This combination allows users to attach custom actions to panel elements, elevating the user experience. The freedom to assign scripts or commands to mouse interactions on the panel elements showcases Mabox's focus on advanced user capabilities.

The Mabox team has supercharged Conky widgets with unique features, setting it apart from other distributions. The integration of Jgmenu and Bash scripts brings a new level of functionality and customization. The Conky context menu, in particular, is a highlight, offering users enhanced control and personalization options.

The much-loved Quake-style terminal, accessible via the F12 key, is a nod to user convenience and efficiency. Mabox also offers a helpful Conky cheat sheet for terminal commands, ensuring that even new users can navigate the terminal's complexities with ease.

Mabox Linux 23.12 stands out not just for its technical advancements but for its commitment to user empowerment and customization. Whether you're a power user seeking advanced control or a casual user looking for stability and longevity, Mabox Linux 23.12 offers something for everyone. You can download an ISO here.

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